Thursday, February 10, 2011

Global Warming in the South....

Not since my childhood (which took place from the Mid-Seventies to the Mid-Eighties) can I remember snow like we got tonight in Columbus. That white, fluffy, beautiful snow that you just don't usually see in the South. And what perfect timing it was.....I just received my brand new Canon 5D MK II and my 16-35 lens a few days ago. So we ventured out into town tonight to get some photos. An opportunity like this doesn't come along very often here. In a few short months, it will be 94 degrees at around 100% humidity. I shall the look back on these photos fondly at that time and possibly yearn.....

Corner of 5th Ave. and 9th Street South, Columbus.

Tree outside Stark Recreation Center, MUW campus.

Stark Recreation Center, MUW Campus

Outside Cromwell Communications Center, West Parking lot, MUW Campus

Outside Cromwell Communications Center, West Parking lot, MUW Campus

Downtown Columbus, intersection of 7th and Main

Caleb and Dana crossing 5th St South at Main St.

Downtown Columbus, MS

Downtown Columbus, MS

Intersection of Hwy 45 north and Main Street

Our Back patio

Our back patio, again.

Back of our apartment

Amzi Love Home, in HDR


Anonymous said...

Chris!! These are beautiful! Makes me miss MUW so much! The new rec center is awesome. They were building it when I left and sadly I haven't been to campus since. Awesome photos!! Thanks for sharing!

bareftbydc said...

Great work, Chris. I love the tour of the campus and Columbus in the snow. It snowed while I was there and I remember playing in front of the library! Thanks for the memories!

magoosmom said...

GREAT photos Chris! I love the black and white one by the Riverwalk

Tina said...

Very nice!

Bo, Tori, and Brayden said...

Beautiful pictures!