Friday, September 7, 2012

Cafe Aroma's open mic night. September 7, 2012.

If you had told me three years ago that there would be a DSLR with a max ISO of 25,600, I would not have even understood or comprehended a statement like that. But alas, the Canon 5D Mark III does it. So tonight, just for fun, I shot all of my pix at Cafe Aroma's at 25,600 ISO. Obviously, they were grainy. But I shoot RAW, so a noise reduction slider tweak or two pretty much took care of that. I had my doubts. But, I am duly impressed with this first round of low light Mark III pix.

All photos shot with Canon 24-105 L-Series lens.

By the way, these are my friends playing: Brian James, Chris McDill, Dustin Gibson, Alex Hinton, and Thomas (Biz) Bizzle. My friends are talented, and that's awesome for me.

 Erik Studdard, Dustin Gibson, Alex Hinton
Wes Davis

 Erik Studdard, Dustin Gibson, Alex Hinton

 Chris McDill, Alex Hinton

 Brian James, Wes on bass

 Chris McDill

 Leigh Allison's dog

 Andy Snyder, Jonathan Cumberland and Dana LeBlanc, and Henry. All MUW art alumni.

Chris McDill and Alex Hinton