Monday, March 31, 2008

Tallahatchie Flats- Greenwood, Mississippi

Welcome to my blog, brand spanking new, and this is the inaugural installation!  As a photographer, I love sharing photos with my friends and family. Since not everyone has a myspace page, this seemed like the best option for sharing photos with everybody, or at least the people who have computers.
This weekend, we went to Greenwood, MS with our dear friends Nick and MaryNeff Seabergh to celebrate MaryNeff's birthday. We stayed in the middle of a cotton field, in the middle of nowhere, in an old shackhouse. Rustic, that's one adjective that comes to mind....As we got ready to pull into the parking lot, I thought to myself "Dude, really? Is this where we are staying tonight?" My concerns would soon fade away...
So there are these six old shack houses that were brought to this location from all over the MS Delta a couple of years ago. They were all renovated, and turned into rentable houses for the night, weekend, whatever. And the Tallahatchie Flats were born.  Mr. Bubba is the groundskeeper, bonfire lighter, legend dispenser, reservation taker, check-in and check-out person, and all around nice guy.  He lights a huge meet and greet bonfire every night. Our neighbors immediately next to us were from London....I think they were a little frightened of us.
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