Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pic Of The Day 1-13-2011

OK, new year, new Macbook PRO, new copy of Photoshop CS5, and a renewed sense of focus creativity....I am going to start doing a picture of the day on my blog. Now I am in no way delusional enough to believe that I can have the discipline to update this daily, but I will make every effort to update it as often as possible. So, this is the first installment.

Meet Carrie Holliday Hamilton, longtime friend, graduate of MUW and fiercely loyal Widespread Panic fan! Carrie and her husband Ray, who has a Culinary Arts degree from MUW, own Anthony's Market in West Point, MS. I was sent there on assignment last night to cover Blues Night for a new magazine that is being launched by The Commercial Dispatch. Blues Night is every Wednesday from 7-10. The music is great, and the food is unbelievable. So check it out! This is one I caught of Carrie just sort of relaxing before the music started.

Tech info: Canon EOS 5d Mark II, F5.o, Shutter 1/60, ISO 1000, Canon 580 EX Flash bounced off of a wall.

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